Friday, April 24, 2015

Moving is Hard

So, hubby got a new job and we're moving about an hour and a half away from where we are now.  I'm happy he got a new job (something he doesn't believe).  He just doesn't seem to understand the whole "I'm going to miss my house" thing, and equates that with "You are questioning the entire process".   No, I'm going to miss my house.

I love our little house.  It's the perfect size for us.  We have a spare bedroom, a finished basement AND a sewing room AND a cedar closet.  It really was (and is) my dream home.

The house we found to rent I am glad we are just renting.  I am getting the house in filthy condition (new landlord=not quite understanding why it's not ok to charge me $600 for my cats, but give me a disgusting carpet with carpet beetles).  It's an old farmhouse, but the only place to put my sewing machine is in a dark cubby upstairs.

The plus is that there are 10 miles of walking trails behind the house, with a little creek that runs through it.  Needless to say, my Anna is in love.

Speaking of Anna, she was recognized as a youth volunteer.  She's put in over 600 hours at Heckrodt, and I am very proud of her.
I have been knitting a little bit, thinking about it mostly.  I'm working on a scarf for a friend.  I also made this little shawlette:
One of the hardest things is finding all of my yarn.  Half of it is at the new house and half is at the old house, and I feel like it's just so much work to put anything together.  To the point where I am nearly done with a sock and it seems like too much work to find a yarn needle to get it off the needles.

But everything seems like so much work.  I'm very down lately, worrying about getting a job, not even wanting to bother with school.  I just don't seem to care that there's a semi coming at me in my lane.


Jessica Fredrick said...

I hope the move is going well. I can't wait to hear about the trails!