Sunday, April 26, 2015

Finished Objects from long ago

So I wanted to knit something, but I still have that problem where some yarn is here and some yarn is there...and I'm just uninspired.  So I had a basket of projects and such in my bedroom, and in it was some worsted weight socks.  One was done, and the other was halfway through the heel.  So I looked at it for about a day and thought, "What the hell?"

You can see where it's been sitting on the needles awhile by the crease in the heel.  I didn't have the pattern in with them (I usually do, so I wonder what happened to it?).  It's either this pattern or very similar (I thought it was called "sock hop" something, but I didn't find anything like that).  So I winged it and finished the socks in less than a day.
I gave them to Anna, and she loves them!  I seriously think they have been sitting since before or shortly after Emily was born.  Seriously.  So it was nice to finish them and nice to have something to do.

I also have some pretty flower pictures.  Hyacinths and orange tulips.  I need to remember to mark where they are in my garden so I can take them with me.

 Not much was done this weekend.  Anna and Emily were going to sleep at my mom's house until Anna decided to be a puker (I thought we were over this...) so she's been vegging on the couch for 2 days.  I played some games and managed to vacuum.  And Bob Pleco (or plecostomus) has decided to eat the algae off the glass of the turtle tank finally, so I guess it was a good weekend.