Thursday, April 30, 2015

And another one bites the dust

So in the same bin I found the half finished socks, I found a pair of half finished mittens from probably last fall. Fortunately this one had the pattern with it, so I didn't have to figure it out. So I decided to finish them up.

Here's what they looked like when I found them.

I know the yarn is Lamb's Pride bulky.  Oh how I love the twist of Lamb's pride!  It is my favorite wool to knit with, just for the beautiful twist:

So since I am home with water running out of my butt (I knew you would like a visual) I finished up these mittens.  They are supposed to be felted, but they fit Emily pretty perfectly now so I might just keep them this way.  Still nice, warm mittens.
I had 2 bags with yarn and/or projects in them in the bedroom, but they have mysteriously disappeared to the new house, I am guessing.  Along with my spinning wheel, which had better make it there in one piece.

And my yellow tulips opened:
And here is an even prettier picture of my orange tulips:
So I think I'm going to finish the kitchener on my roundabout socks, then see if I can find the rest of the yarn for those.  Or start a new pair, if I can find my ball maker.  I think it might still be upstairs, unless it's not.  *sigh*