Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summertime fun

 I can't begin to tell you how excited I am that it's summer (even if it's already almost July).  My new job=not loving it so much.  It does afford me the summers off.  I told my husband I'd rather eat ramen noodles and pb&j and be poor than work summer school, so it's been a great summer.

So to sum up summer so far:  We're pretty poor, we've been spending lots of time in the backyard pool, I've been playing a lot of Fallout: New Vegas (and Viva Pinata--don't ask).  I'm currently reading Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King.  We're going to go strawberry picking (and do some jam making) this afternoon.  Anna is at camp until tomorrow; we haven't heard from her so we are hoping for the best.  Saturday is Star Wars night at the Timber Rattlers game (woohoo!).  It's all good!

And I have been knitting, which is awesome (I actually have time!!).  I just finished this illusion scarf as a test knit.  I can't wait until the pattern is published to share it with you.  If you watch Dr. Who, and know the Weeping Angels story:

I also got this beautiful spinning wheel at a consignment store.  It was my Mother's Day gift, only $125!  It's an Ashford Traditional:

Now I need to learn to spin!  I'll be joining the local spinning guild to not only get assistance, but to watch and learn from experts.  My biggest problem is I can't get the yarn to wind onto the bobbin--I think my springs need replacing.  So I try, try again!  And watch a lot of YouTube videos.

Stay tuned:  I've also been accepted for Blogging for Books.  My first book is a Nicky Epstein knitting book to review.  :)