Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jammin' on a hot summer night

So Nick, Emily and I went berry picking on Thursday.  We picked flat of strawberries at Cuff Farms, took them home and did nothing with them.

Friday we picked up Anna from camp.  6 hours of total driving.  And, we did nothing with the strawberries.  Except I thought I was pretty ingenious and fit the entire flat into the fridge.  I had to move a bunch of stuff, put it the long way and take out a shelf on the door. 

Fast travel to Saturday.  Nicholas stayed at a friend's house, and comes bopping in about 1pm.  "Oh they gave me a pint of strawberries, so I'm trading them a jam from the freezer".

Have I told you how possessive I am about this jam?  How I covet it?  I don't even give any to family members.  My mother in law just LOVES it, and told me when I go strawberry picking I should bring her some because I know how she loves it.

Did I tell you that I told her she should go berry-picking when she's in Virginia this week with evil Sister-in-law and have HER make some jam?

So I literally saw strawberry red when my son handed out my jam.  Because I don't need a strawberry to jam trade.  I have strawberries.  That are just sitting in my fridge waiting for me to do something with them.


We made freezer jam last year, before I got a water bath canner.  So I decided I wanted to do "real" canning and can jam this year in my water canner.

Did I tell you we probably just had today to do it so the berries were still good?

Oh and I'm sure I failed to mention that it's 86 degrees with 90% humidity.  And our air conditioner went out the beginning of the week (we think it's the thermostat, but the guy isn't coming to look at it until next week)?

Yeah, I probably forgot to tell you all that.

Anyway, I canned.  And roasted.  The good news is I probably sweat about 10 lbs off.  It was like a sauna.  And I have 18 little jars of my labor of love.

And no.  You can't have any.