Friday, January 18, 2013

Super Bon Bon

Still working on my sock--it looks nice.  It's still winter. (BAH).  I take the GRE on Wednesday.  And I have eaten too many super bon bon's and gained 10 lbs since Christmas.

This is the opposite direction I would like to go.

I purposely didn't make losing weight as a resolution this year.  I never do it if it's a resolution.  I figured I'd start eating healthier (I didn't) and drink less (I didn't) and get on the treadmill more (I didn't) and not worry about the number (I didn't).  I even got a Fit Bit, because it looked like a good idea, I wanted a pedometer anyway, and it sinks with my My Fitness Pal account.

So my Fit Bit came.  And it asked for a weight.  And I got on the scale for the first time in a couple months.  Honestly, I'd been noticing my pants were tight and my underwear were going up my butt.  But, hey!  I wasn't going to worry about that.  I noticed sometimes I would snort like a pig while I was walking from the back of my throat, like really fat people do.  That worried me a little, but not enough to stop eating pizza and potato chips.

Then I saw the number.  And I was horrified.  Not the heaviest I've ever been, but damn close.

So, it's time.  I'm not going on a radical diet I'll never follow.  I'm not going back on Weight Watchers, where I feel the need to lick my plate because "I need to get my full points!  They're mine!".  I'm not going on South Beach, which probably works great, but won't work with my family. And besides, I like a sandwich now and then.

I am going to eat healthier.  I am going to make better food choices for my family.  I am going to keep track of what I am eating, and be accountable to myself and my family.  Salads are in our future, with our dinner.

I am going to move more.  I am going to try to get on the treadmill or exercise bike 3 times a week.  When the weather gets warmer, I will walk to pick up my kids.  They will walk home with me, or we will ride bikes.

I am going to drink more water.  I HATE drinking water, so I will flavor it with Crystal Light.

I will start today.  I will slip and fall.  I will sometimes eat too many potato chips with too much dip.  I will get back up.  Enough is enough.  I'm not getting any younger, this is something I have needed to do for a long time.  I need to do it for me.  I need to do it for my family.

It's not a resolution.  It's just the way it is.