Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Trip to IKEA

The closest IKEA to us is over 3 hours away.  The last time we went, Nicholas (who is 10) was just born, and Emily wasn't even in the thought process yet.  So today we took a roadtrip down to Schaumberg to visit IKEA.

You get there and someone greets you right away.  Then you are herded like cattle up an escalator to a world of things you never thought you needed, but feel like you have to buy.  It's like the pump something into the air, just like oxygen in a casino.  I didn't even know I needed a Pruta, but I own one now!

Everyone told us how you have to eat lunch in the cafeteria.  We get up there, are trying to figure out what line to go in (and what they serve besides meatballs) and some woman is screaming about how there is no line.  Then another woman is screaming about how there are multiple places to pay.  So our cafeteria experience was a little "Screamy".  And the meatballs--meh.  I've had worse things to eat I guess:
We did buy quite a few things we needed, like Lack side tables in black for $10 a piece, and some floating Lack shelves.  Brian got some Ribba frames for his Amazing Stories comics.  My splurge item was this little guy, and I should have bought is fat little brother too!

I did start a sock (of which I haven't taken a picture yet, and I will post it tomorrow, along with Downton KAL progress).  I used some stash bamboo yarn, left over from my friend Kris' shop, Sonny&Shear.


payingattention said...

Too funny! We took a trip down there last Monday. When I pointed out to Tom on our way home that some of our friends from Milwaukee had posted on FB that they were eating a marvelous seafood meal for New Year's Eve in downtown Chicago, he looked at me and said, "What? I got you Swedish Meatballs in Schaumberg!" (Yes, we both laughed.) Anyway, we also came back loaded with items we couldn't live without.