Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Last Hurrah

Well, our family said goodbye to the last days of summer in grand style I think!  Here's the run down:

Menominee Park Zoo in Oshkosh

Camping at High Cliff

 BIRTHDAYS! (Anna is 13 and Emily is 7):

 Pickles!  OK, not as exciting as birthdays, but I am so grateful to my coworker Kelly for giving me cucumbers this year.  15 jars!  I'm so happy!!

I tried Ball's pickle mix.  I actually ran out--so we'll see how they turn out.

Pickle mix looks like this.  Smells very dill-ish.

 Kites over Lake Michigan!  This was great--we are going to go every year I think!

I will learn eventually that I need to bring their swimsuits and/or an extra change of clothes every time we go to Two Rivers.  This time I just said:  "Go!  Get wet."  They obliged.

 Labor Day at the Labor Temple:
WE Energies was giving rides up in their cherry picker.  I can imagine this is better than how they spent last Labor Day.

Way high!
 And then....
Back to School:

Anna in 8th grade

Nicholas in 4th grade

Emily in 2nd grade.

And me?  Well, I missed Emily's meltdown this morning because the students at work are back to school too.  But I am enjoying the kids being at school in the afternoon.  I even have time to update my blog!


Jessica said...

What a wonderful end to your summer. The kites are beautiful - I would love to see that some time. I hope the kids have a happy and successful school year. Knowing them, it will be