Monday, September 10, 2012

Pink Frills

Anyone who knows my knitting habits knows I hate novelty yarn.  I'm using hate here.  About yarn.  Fun fur, ribbon yarn, you name it.  I hate it.  So what in the world possessed me to try Red Heart Boutique Sashay?  Well, the scarves were pretty.  And Emily really wanted it.

So I went to Herrschners on Sunday, because we were out for a drive and Hey!  Herrschners is ALWAYS a good destination.  And it just happened to be--their yarn sale.  Now, I'm not a big "stash building" kind of gal.  I always need to have a general idea what I am doing with the yarn before I just buy it because it's a good deal--because I could have bought a metric F-ton of yarn had I wanted to, even on a limited budget.  But I didn't.

I did buy sock yarn for $2.  Enough to make a whole pair of socks.  I had bought it for my swap-bot partner, but then I read she hates browns and oranges, so it is my fall pair of socks yarn now:
So then there are all these pretty scarves hung up.  In all kinds of pretty colors.  And Halloween colors.  And Christmas colors.  But oh so pretty, frilly, lacy.  And Emily wants a pink one. 

So I get it home.  And I have to watch 3 YouTube videos to figure out how to knit with it.  The best video is this one.  But here is what you are looking at:

When you undo the wrapper, it looks like fat shoe laces:
 BUT when you undo the shoe laces, you find something more sinister.  Something mesh-y:

So you actually only cast on 6 stitches.  By cast on, I mean you put the needle through 6 holes in the top of the mesh.  The rest of the mesh hangs.  Then you knit by put the second from the needle "hole through the yarn and knitting that.  It makes little lacy potato chips:

 But you kind of get used to it after a while, and this is where I'm at so far:

It looks like one skein is enough to make a good sized scarf, especially since I am not even halfway through the skein, and this is how long it is already.  It's a little tedious, I don't think I could do it for a living, but it's a little fun too.  I wish I could figure out a good way to twist the ruffles without twisting the yarn all up, but that's for another day.


Jessica said...

what is novelty yarn vs other yarn? im so clueless

Lynnette said...

Novelty yarn is like the frilly, fun yarn that has hair attached to it, or fur, or looks like ribbon. Not "normal" looking yarn. :)

Jessica said...

Ohhh! I had no idea!