Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On the Soapbox

Stop reading now if you don't want to read a rant.

This blog is directed at another mom in Wisconsin.  Maybe it will get back to her.  Maybe it won't.  I don't really care at this point, because I need to get this out--and maybe she needs a reality check.

Using your blog as a soapbox to rip on a 12 year old girl is wrong.  I don't care if you think she's stupid, ugly, dresses like a slut, whatever.  She's a child.  You are not.  Grow up already.

Giving parenting advice when Child Protective Services has your house programmed into the GPS--also wrong.  People in glass houses and all.

And finally...ripping on your sister's parenting ability when, seriously, if there was a mom-of-the-year she'd put them to shame, is the last straw.  You don't even know your sister.  You certainly don't deign to know her kids.  She has overcome more problems than you will ever have to deal with and is still overcoming them on a daily basis.  Don't you DARE compare your children to her children, who really DO have actual diagnoses.  Don't you DARE try to mislead people into thinking that her children are naughty, because she doesn't know how to parent.  Her son has AUTISM you FUCKING MORON.  And you're going to be a nurse?  I guess at least it's not a social worker.

Your sister has more parenting ability in her little un-manicured finger (she just doesn't have time to go get a mani-pedi every week) than you will ever know in your entire life.  So go stick your head in the sand some more, get another manicure, rip on some more 12 year olds and pretend like you are perfect.  We'll all be here in real life if you make it over.

*stepping down now*