Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why Can't this Weather Last Forever?

I love sitting out on the patio with the laptop and the camera, enjoying our very warm Indian Summer day in November. I know it's a tease, and that winter is just around the corner. I can feel the chill in the wind, just giving a hint of what is to be. And I know there is NO possible way I won the lottery last night, so I can winter in Florida. But I'm not ready, and I'm sorry I took all those summer days on the patio for granted. Summer wasn't very warm this year, but it was summer, and I feel like I disrespected it. So I'll pay a price this winter.

And with that, I had a really good mail day on Friday.
Two are Christmas presents, so I can't show you what it is, but the other is some yummy Zen Squooshy Sock in Raspberry Rush from Sonny and Shear.
Have I told you that Sonny and Shear is my favorite place to buy yarn? Seriously, they're AWESOME! Kris always makes me feel like my order is special, even though it always seems when I am able to order, I can only afford one thing, and I feel like a cheap-o. If you haven't gotten yarn there, I highly recommend giving them a try. You won't be disappointed!!!

Yesterday we went to Horicon Marsh, thinking, "Geez, it's 65 degrees, we'll see TONS of migrating birds!" Well, it WAS 65 degrees, but we only saw Canadian Geese (granted, there were a ton) and Coots and Mallards. Granted, Coots are lots of fun to watch swim, but it appears everything else had migrated already. Too smart for us!

I also finished one of my sockies, but I forgot to take a picture, so that will be for tomorrow.

Today the plan is going to pick up Emily from Grandma's house, and just hanging out outside. I don't even need to take a walk. I think I'll make some lemonade and just enjoy the patio right here for one more day of grace.


Thora said...

Hasn't it been just beautiful? I've been doing the same thing when I can (knitting on the porch). LOVE the sqoooshy yarn!