Monday, November 30, 2009

Is it a Packer Pickle? Corn? Nope...

So, for the kids' teachers this year, I'm busting out my stash and making them Christmas ornaments. I bought some cute boxes at Big Lots for a buh-fitty, and I'm ready to go. Here's my first try:
Now it's supposed to be a christmas light. Honest. I used this pattern. I finished in record time.

So Anna says, "Wow! You made the pickle to hide in the tree in Packer colors? Cool!" Emily said, "You made a corn?" Brian couldn't figure out what it was. He figured Emily was right when she said corn. When I told him it what it was, he said, "Oh well, maybe if you made a whole string of them." Tomorrow is (brace yourself) DECEMBER 1st! I don't have time to make a whole string of lights AND other ornaments and all the other crap I have to make for Christmas. Figuring it out, Nicholas has 2 teachers, Emily has 2 teachers, Anna has one teacher, and that isn't including Nicholas and Anna's parapros or student teachers!

So anyway, I'm working on that, a lace scarf (which is almost done), Anna's sweater, a canine related gift, plus sweating it because cold weather is here and no mitties or hats are done for my children! I am a bad knitting mom!

The night before Nicholas' birthday we were in the Appleton Christmas parade on the Library float. Our theme was "The Polar Express". Here's a few shots:

The Saturday before Nicholas had a birthday party at Soccer Heaven. It's a neat place to have a birthday, although I wish it were slightly better organized and a host was included (for $125, it ought to be). PLUS the website says that the premium party includes pizza and a free refill on your soda--it doesn't tell you that for your $125, you don't GET your first have to pay for it (a little deceiving in that omission, hmmm?) If you like a party where you don't have to do anything--don't go to Soccer Heaven. But if you want a party your 7 year old and his friends will remember...they're a great place to go.
Well, I'm off to knit some more Christmas ornaments--just probably not lights! They DO have a pattern for a knitted pickle...