Thursday, November 5, 2009


I've been feeling really blah lately, and some things have been bothering me much more than they should. Not like big things, stupid things. I got up my courage and went to Globally Sound in Appleton for yoga this morning. My friend Greta's sister, Genelle, taught the class, and their other sister, Renee, came too. It was the most wonderful decision I've made--seriously! I had such a great time, and it was so amazing and relaxing. I feel so good, I'm going to make it a weekly routine. Mostly, I'm ok with everything, and I'm definitely not as angry. And if yoga can help me feel like that, I'm on it!

I've also been knitting a sock. The pattern is ankle slipper sox in worsted weight Vanna's Choice in a Seaspray green. I thought it was a pretty color and would make a nice sock, and I'm not disappointed.
And I needed to take a picture of my Totoro bag I got on Ebay that I just love.
Nicholas has decided to do his birthday party at Soccer Heaven, so will run the deposit over there today after I pick up the house and go to work. I think it was a great choice--he had mentioned the bowling alley again (I wasn't very impressed when we went here last year). I actually went to the Wikispot page I made on kids birthday parties in the Fox Valley and read him the list, and this is how he picked it. So sometimes stuff I do actually works out!!

Think I'll grab a sandwich and move along through a house pick up.