Monday, January 5, 2009

Yarn Rich Knit Picks order came today. I got a gift certificate to Knit Picks for Christmas and of course I couldn't wait to spend it!! So I ordered this yarn (Knit Picks Gloss, laceweight, in Port) for a gift I am making:
and this yarn (Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted in Coal) for a scarf I am making Brian:
I also finally wound this yarn to start the January SKA Mystery beaded sock:
I was already to the second row of beads when I had either a child or a cat rip out my knitting (Neither the children nor the cats are 'fessing up), and when I put it back on the needle of course the beads were off kilter. So I ripped the whole thing out! The bad part about knitting socks 2-at-a time? When one is wacko, the other suffers. So I am casting on for that one again tonight.

I decided the one thing I desperately need is straight knitting needles. I have bazillion--that don't match. My smaller sizes are all over the house, as they are used to poke in the doorknob and unlock doors. I have 5 size 8 needles...none of which match. I am making a scarf that calls for size 8's, and I am hoping I can make gauge with 9's, because I have both of those the same.

The kids went back to school today. Nicholas found out his teacher is gone for at least a week because she had to have knee surgery. Brian picked the kids up and said they were just falling down like dominoes on the sidewalk. It was glare ice and the sidewalks near school (not school property--the homes around school) were not salted. Nicholas fell and hit his head. The sidewalks and parking lots are so dangerous right now.

I did get the girls room cleaned and organized and their Christmas presents put away. The upstairs is officially cleaned--yay! It's back to (paid) work for me tomorrow, so at least I accomplished something.


Sophia Rowan said...
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Barbara Kelly said...

Cool purchases! Alot of bang for the buck, I'd say.