Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Cold Few Days's been cold here in Wisconsin-land. The kids were off of school for 2 days because of cold (unheard of in my lifetime...when I was a kid...ahh, never mind!). I think they enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed the fact that the Appleton School District canceled school Thursday night for Friday when they knew it would be too cold. It was nice to have a little notice. I am not one to complain about canceling because of cold. I think when it's -40 below with the windchill, keeping little ones inside is a great idea.

I've been busy knitting a lace project, but I can't show it to you here. A) It's a gift and B) I screwed it up royally yesterday and I don't want to look at it right now.

I ordered myself a birthday presents from Sonny and Shear. Some more yummy sock yarn!
I bought it for 40% off, which makes it even more yummy. Not that I need more sock yarn, but it's nice to splurge. I wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't on sale.

I also finished Nicholas' camouflage fleece tie blanket.
It's so warm, now Brian wants one. I told him I'd need at least 5 yards of fabric to cover how tall he is, so when he's set to "pony up the dough", I'll make him one.

We also had Nicholas' belated birthday party at The 10th Frame. The staff was excellent and the kids had a great time. My only complaint is that it would have been nice to have been told they were having another party that day. I would have changed what day we had it--the kids had to eat on the lanes, and stand around a tiny table. "They just have to be careful". They are 5 and 6 year olds. It was quite a mess.

Here's Emily getting ready to bowl:
We're going to make dinner and have a Lego party with the family tonight while we watch football. Then I might decide if I can salvage my knitting or if I will be frogging it or setting it aside for a bit.