Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I've been trying to keep myself busy--honest! I rediscovered my sewing machine after seeing that all the little girl's shorts this year were on the "I'm going to show my underwear I'm so short" side. So I made Anna a pair of shorts...white with pink polka dots.
They turned out great. They come above her knee, but not up to her crotch. And I fit the waist so they don't slide down and show her butt crack all the time (which is an exciting moment around here!)

I am also making a Baby Surprise Jacket for Anna's teacher, who had her baby the 12th.
I am thinking that as long as I get it done by the end of the year I'm good to go, since I won't see her and it might be sitting in her classroom. Darn early babies!

I also have to share this picture of my little boy riding away--without training wheels!
He had his buddy down the street take them off, and they broke in the process. I was thinking about how many times Anna wanted hers back on (Trying to teach Anna to ride a bike...oh the drama!) and I told Nicholas that he'll have to ride a two-wheeler or go without a bike for the summer, because we're not buying him new training wheels. So he got on his bike. And rode. Within an hour, you would never have guessed he just learned. Today he is riding all over. I am amazed.
Oh and to end with, last night I finally got a picture of the Oriole down on the trail.
So far I haven't coaxed him up the hill...but I do have beautiful Gold Finches now. I also have blue jays AND bluebirds. And a robin took a bath in my birdbath yesterday. So that's kinda fun too.

No big plans for this weekend. All the campsites in the area are booked, because nobody wants to spend $4 a gallon to go anywhere (us included). So we'll have a cookout this weekend and probably go to the parade on Monday (and enjoy not going to work anyway)


Thora said...

Nicholas looks SO sweet!

Hope your father's day picnic went really well and that you didn't get rained on.