Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm Not The Master of My Domain

Just like on Seinfeld, I'm out of The Contest, "I'm Out!". Of the SKP contest anyway. I had to have my Jacobean socks done and posted by today and was too damn intimidated and didn't get them done.

But I have been working on socks. The first sock for "Down the Garden Path" (last month's SOTM at is working up nicely.
I really love the yarn--Trekking XXL in pretty spring greens and pinks. I'm nearly to the toe decrease.

I always get so crabby that my SOTM comes late. I pay with Paypal, and everyone who doesn't gets their sock sometimes 2 weeks before I do, and I have to sit and read about it on Ravelry. So every month I say, "That's it! I'm going to get my yarn and pattern and cancel." and then every month it comes and I change my mind.
This month's sock comes with Regia Mosaik yarn...VERY nice. So...maybe next month I'll cancel.

Nicholas had his last day of preschool yesterday. I can't believe he is going to be in Kindergarten next year. He's so expressive and fun when he sings

--but he is a lot like the kid from the Twilight Zone episode "It's a Good Life", when there's "No talkin' while the music's playin'". Nicholas can't stand when anyone else sings. We were watching his end of the year slide show and they were playing "You've got a Friend in Me" and he was getting twitchy. I asked him why and he says, "I HATE SINGING." But if he's'd better enjoy it!

We're sure going to miss his teachers.
Emily noticed all the girls wearing pretty dresses. I told her she needs to get on the "potty train" and lose her Nuk and she can have a pretty dress next Fall too!

Emily is but 2 years old and is a "Barbie Girl".
It's fun to have a girl that likes Barbies, because that was my staple plaything as a kid. And Anna doesn't like toys, and Nicholas likes boy toys, so at least I have one girl to play Barbies with.

I checked out some old (recent) episodes of Knit N Style from the library, and found a few sweaters/summer sweaters I would like to make. Now I have to decide which one to do. It's such a major time investment, and I have become such a sock-maker (whether I really wanted to or not) that I have made nothing else for a while. And after over 8 years of knitting, it is about time that I made myself a sweater, don't you think? So any suggestions work for me...I'd like something semi-fitted, but not tight. And it has to hide my gut while not drawing attention to my boobs. So if you have anything in mind, drop me an email at annasmommy AT gmail DOT com. I was thinking the Cable-Down Raglan.

We're off to Chuck E. Cheese in about an hour for a play date with Emily and Nicholas' friends, Gretchen and Andrew. Always an adventure! And tomorrow is the Girl Scout office to pick up the badges and pins for the girls--the bridging ceremony is Wednesday! So my little Brownie will be a Junior!

I'm getting old....


Susanna said...

Nicholas looks like a real entertainer. He is really cute. I have no idea which sweater you could knit (did not see the cabled raglan).

Dympna said...

I finished my Jacobean a day late so that it that. I finally got a picture taken and still haven't posted it on the yahoo site. I don't know when I'll get the new socks knit. I do like the pattern.
Love the pictures of your kids. You can tell they are all related.