Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Little Down...and some knitting

I had a nice Mother's Day. Brian actually shopped ahead of time, which means a lot (he never does. For anything.) I got a Sudoku cube (like a Rubik's Cube, only Sudoku. It's really hard), some massage lotions and the best--an entire set of bamboo circular needles!

Of course Mother's Day turned into cleaning and catering to our mothers. I told Brian next year we should go out of town for Mothers Day...then I can actually do something with my kids besides entertaining.

I also finished one half of a pair of socks. Again. But it looks nice.

Of course I made the mistake of buying a book about knitting 2 socks at the same time (I recognize my problem. And it is becoming a problem. Then I read how to fix it. And try to work up my Fearless Knitting skills to try it out.)

I also whipped up some baby booties for Anna's teacher.

I emailed her 2 days ago (Anna stayed home today, since she was up all night coughing) and she didn't email me back, so I'm pretty sure that she probably had the baby, and I'd better get working on that baby surprise sweater (and hope I have enough yarn left! It's from my stash.)

I've also been so blah about Ravelry lately. It seems there is something in the air there. I know it isn't everyone, but yikes. Nearly every group I go in (except maybe MCY--what does THAT tell you??) is crabbing and sniping and just down right mean. When the Knitters for Obama aren't getting along, there's a problem. Some people in the NASCAR group don't want to go in there because people are bashing their favorite driver (although they openly say they hate another driver.) It just makes me down--I've already been here, done this, you know? So I need to step back for a bit, use Ravelry for documentation and pattern finding, and stay out of the groups and forums for a while. I just kinda don't need it. I have enough going on "IRL".


Susanna said...

You got lovely presents for mothersday.
The sock is beautiful.
I do not intend to take part in ravelery as I think it would cut into my knitting time :-).

Ruby said...

Love the sock! It's really beautiful.

Good presents; but too bad about having to do a lot of entertaining. My sister hosts a family dinner at her house, so it's a lot easier on me. So I can't complain.

I got flowers, chocolate truffles, Hairspray (the re-make) and jiffy pop so we can have popcorn when we get around to watching the movie.

Dympna said...

Nice gifts.
I use Ravelry to show off my knitting and to see what everyone else is doing.
I do belong to a lot of groups and only read what I want to read in them. I do not get involved in any of the discussions.
I don't need all that drama. I have enough in my life.

Dympna said...
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