Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes....

(A little Bowie...RIP)

So a few new things since I last left you on a snow day that really wasn't all that bad, but hey! I'll take em as I can get em! I started a new job at UW-Marshfield/Wood County. I am very excited to come back to Colleges. It's a much smaller campus than Fox, so that has taken some getting used to. I miss the high school kids, but I really love my job. I gave up an 8 minute drive each way for a 50 minute drive each way, so I'd better enjoy it.

We are also looking to buy a house, and working on getting money together, getting credit in order, etc. I am currently in love with this one:

510A OAK STREET Wisconsin Rapids, WI, 54494

Hopefully it will still be on the market when we get everything in order. I told Brian that I want some land if I can't have this house-I don't want to get live in the city otherwise. (Yes I am picky, but I feel like I should be allowed to be).

Knitting, I'm working on slippers for my cousin (Yes, it's red heart. Which is why they are putt-putting along):

hexipuffs, socks that are randomly picked up and now a doll dress. I am using Guppie from Willow Yarns. It's soft, but very breaky. I am glad I am not making a big project with it, because it is driving me a little crazy. Twice I've had to cut and start anew.

I started doing swaps in the Tiny Owls group on Ravelry, which is fun. A tea swap and now a spring swap, so I will have a new project to knit for my partner. It gives me something to focus on, and I've been lacking focus lately.  I wanted to show off the lovely tea swap I received last month:

Otherwise, excitement in Rapids as the boat show AND the Home and Garden show are at the Rapids Mall on the same weekend!!!  I'm hoping it doesn't infringe on the traffic to the thrift store. And I wonder if they canceled the indoor farm market, or if there is room for all that action.

That's pretty much it. Hoping to finish most of the doll dress tonight (and make some enchiladas for dinner! Mmmmm)