Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So...Almost June, huh?

I am very happy to say after a hospital stay, an extra ER visit, 2 primary care visits and a cardiology visit, Brian's blood pressure is way down.  Today at the doctor's office it was 118/76 (Better than mine!).  So it appears the meds and the changes we've made in diet are working.  Of course, we're only eating healthy and I have yet to lose 2 lbs.

It figures.

We are in the middle of moving, and my eye is twitching all the time from stress.  I have 3 able-bodies kids who don't want to help, a semi-able bodied husband who is never home, and me, who is working her ass off to get everything packed. Worse case Ontario (Thanks Ricky!) I have to get a storage unit to throw things from the garage in to get everything out of here.  I am hoping that doesn't happen.  It's stressful.

(By the way, if you haven't watched Trailer Park Boys, you're missing out):

I am also tired of feeling like the "Bad Mom".  I think sometimes the male-parental-units (mainly.  There are a bunch of stay-at-home dad's who get this, but it's usually, in the eyes of society, moms) understand the stakes.  Tonight at 8:30, I asked Nicholas in passing what he needs for his track meet tomorrow.  He says, "A water bottle.  And lunch."  Mind you, we have NO lunch things in the house.  I put extra money in the kids' hot lunch accounts knowing by this point everything will mostly be packed.  I had exactly $8.00 on me, so Nicholas is having a dollar store extravaganza tomorrow (secretly, I am happy I had to go to the dollar store.  I got all the same stuff I would have bought at the grocery store for half the price.  Emily even packed her lunch for tomorrow.) 

So then I get back, show him what I got for lunch and the next thing out of his mouth is, "You washed and folded my 6th grade shirt, didn't you?"  Fucking A, I have done about 50 loads of laundry in the past week.  I have no idea, but I know I saw him wear it last week.  So I start frantically searching the basement, hoping it didn't already go to Rapids.  And Brian says, "Let him find it".  Now here is what pissed me off:  It doesn't reflect on Brian he doesn't wear his special shirt.  It doesn't really even reflect on Nicholas.  It reflects on me for not taking care of house business and knowing where his shirt is.

Fortunately, it was washed and folded and pseudo-put-away in a drawer upstairs. 

In other news, Anna went out with a newish (old) friend from school again tonight.  This girl has been hanging with Anna more lately.  Unfortunately, it seems like every other thing that comes out of this girl's mouth is a lie, and the "every other" is a lie covering up the lie.  She's been working on an LGBT project, and has Anna helping her with calling Christian phone help lines to see their response when she says she is Christian and gay.  So I just had a feeling, and I told Anna (who, honestly, has not decided on a gender she prefers yet) that I though this girl, M, might be asking her to go out for ice cream to ask her out.  Sure enough, she got Anna a rose and a note that says she doesn't want to be "just friends" anymore.  Anna politely told her that she doesn't think of M that way, and she's flattered but no.  And of course now Anna feels bad for rejecting her.  I probably overstepped my "mom bounds" but I did tell her that it's possible M is asking her out to gauge her reaction for her project.  We also had a hard talk about friendship is a 2 way street, and Anna tends to pick people who use her.  I also said there is nothing wrong with her saying no, and she needs to do what is best for Anna in the end.

I taught her (and all 3 of my kids) that you never have to be a dick of someone you aren't interested in asks you out.  Be polite, but firm.  So Anna did this, and I proud of her.  I just wish she wasn't hurting from rejecting someone.

This parenting thing doesn't come with a manual...


Jessica Fredrick said...

Thank goodness you are going through this before me because I'm terrified of the coming years.