Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ever feel like it doesn't matter?

So I've always celebrated holidays (no matter how obscure) with special meals in our house, ever since the kids were little.  The two biggest are Mardi Gras and Cinco de Mayo, but I make sure there is red, white and blue treats for July 4th, special pumpkin bars for Halloween, whatever.  I've always done it.  I guess maybe because I would have loved to have had a mom that did stuff like that.

I did this long before Pinterest, mind you.  Pinterest makes it easier. And makes me feel more inadequate.

So tonight was Cinco de Mayo.  So I made carnitas.  I forgot to get the stuff for dessert empanadas, so I skipped those.  I made guacamole.  I HATE guacamole.  But I made it.  And got salsa and chips.  And made sure to pay extra for just the margarita mix so my kids could have fake margaritas.

Not one thank you.  Not one acknowledgement.  My oldest daughter actually left for a walk with her friend, even though I was going to make her special meatless tacos (they ended up coming home and eating all the guacamole.  Which is fine.  I HATE guacamole!)

So I kind of wonder if I quit doing it, would I get over the guilt?  Would my kids forget that I ever did it?  Is it easier to just not do it than do it and have them not notice?  Would they notice?

No more Mardi Gras King's cake and hurricanes jambalaya.  No more special Mexican dinners for Cinco de Mayo.  No more red, white and blue parfaits for 4th of July. 

I don't do it for the praise.  I like to do it.  But I still would like for my kids to notice.  Stupid, I know.


Jessica Fredrick said...

Maybe I appreciate the effort because I didn't have it as a child. By the way, I love guacamole