Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy Fall times--and Knitting!

We've had a week at our house.  Last weekend we went apple picking at Spranger's Orchard.  The apples were not quite ripe, although some of the Gala's were really sweet. The kids had a good time eating picking the apples.

 Last Sunday we also went to the Botanical Gardens in Green Bay.  It was a Packer game day, so the gardens were dead...and there was still plenty of pretty to see!

Nicholas and Anna went to Uno's and made their own pizza, (and had lots of fun doing it!)

This weekend we went to Octoberfest--we went early before the crowds got huge, had a hot beef sandwich and tiger paws, bought some honey and had a nice walk home.  As we were coming back up Newberry Trail, we saw this fun site...everyone going through the locks. It was a canoeing/kayak club working to get the locks back open was neat to see everyone paddling through!

I made 2 dishcloths for a swap on  An apple and an oak leaf  (although the leaf is hard to see).  I hope my partner liked them!

And my yarn came from Evergreen Sleeves, and I did my swatch.  Once blocked, it will be 4x4" on size 15's.  I have 29" circular needles, so I am hoping that will be long enough (I really don't want to buy 32" ones I may never use again).  This yarn is SO soft--I am really looking forward to (hopefully) finishing this sweater for ME!!!!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Been Knitting

I figured you might want to know I HAVE been doing something, especially now that the cooler weather has settled in!  :)

I am nearly done with mittens for Emily.  They are done in some pastel wool from Joslyn's Fiber Farm that Thora sent to me.  My only problem?  I can't find the first one!  Hoping it is in my car.  Or my couch.  Or somewhere.

I went to IRIS Fine Yarns today and got some gorgeous Cascade 220.  I'm thinking mittens for Nicholas, although I would love some for myself (or a sweater out of this!)

I am waiting for yarn to come from WEBS to make the Evergreen Sleeves sweater.  Hoping to get it done before I go to Rhinebeck (SQUEE!!!!!!!!) next month!

I also am doing 2 dishcloth swaps on  One is the color yellow, and I am making the Oak Leaf cloth.  The other is a fruit dishcloth swap, so I'm doing apples.  Nice and Fall like.

And now I am going to try to get some knitting done before picking up the kids while the chili warms in the crock pot.  Love.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Been Quiet...

It's been a short but somewhat difficult summer.  I haven't knit much, (although I've picked up now that Fall and Winter are just around the corner).

Today is September 11, 2011.  I still can't watch the shows, or go to the memorial services.  I just can't.  9/11/01 was probably one of the most horrific days of my life, and I wasn't even in NYC or DC.  But my friends were.  I remember the terror of not knowing where several of them were until that night.  I remember Anna wondering why I was crying, the internet hardly loading as I kept Dora on for her.  The number of times I watched the planes crash into the towers that day was enough for me.

I'll never forget.  But reliving...that's another thing.