Friday, September 16, 2011

Been Knitting

I figured you might want to know I HAVE been doing something, especially now that the cooler weather has settled in!  :)

I am nearly done with mittens for Emily.  They are done in some pastel wool from Joslyn's Fiber Farm that Thora sent to me.  My only problem?  I can't find the first one!  Hoping it is in my car.  Or my couch.  Or somewhere.

I went to IRIS Fine Yarns today and got some gorgeous Cascade 220.  I'm thinking mittens for Nicholas, although I would love some for myself (or a sweater out of this!)

I am waiting for yarn to come from WEBS to make the Evergreen Sleeves sweater.  Hoping to get it done before I go to Rhinebeck (SQUEE!!!!!!!!) next month!

I also am doing 2 dishcloth swaps on  One is the color yellow, and I am making the Oak Leaf cloth.  The other is a fruit dishcloth swap, so I'm doing apples.  Nice and Fall like.

And now I am going to try to get some knitting done before picking up the kids while the chili warms in the crock pot.  Love.