Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lawn Mowers in November...

...should have already been winterized. But alas, I am hearing my jackass neighbors mow their lawn. Look, I know you are excited it is 60 degrees in November in Wisconsin. But COME ON! Enjoy not shoveling--and not mowing--and just get outside! Of course it is possible they are happy to mow the dog poop rather than pick it up...

I have to change the progress bar on the scarf for Emily back down to 50%. I finished the ball of yarn, but it is definitely NOT a one ball scarf, as the label lied and told me. Even for my little girl, this scarf would barely tie once around her I'm going to have to buy another ball and knit that one too.

In other news--my family went to Wisconsin Dells and I didn't even get a lousy T-Shirt. That's ok though--I DID get to work 20 hours on the Reference desk. (which, despite some long 8 hour days, was pretty fun!).

My big BIG news?? The Friends of the Appleton Library (FOAL) sponsored their first annual Book n Bowl and held a raffle. The prizes were pretty great--vacations, Packers/Bears tickets, and iPad. Of course the only one I REALLY wanted was the iPad...and guess who won!? Wanna see it?

Brian and I are currently addicted to Angry Birds, although his boss says Angry Birds Halloween rocks too.

Snow White turned out great--and so did Anna's peacock costume she made herself!!! Luigi looked great too, but he was $19 at Walmart!

Look at those feather eyelashes! And look at the BEAUTIFUL sweater that Thora made her in the perfect color!!