Saturday, October 30, 2010

October Knitting

About time to update my damn blog, eh?

Alright, I have been busy. I lost my jobs at APL, and I am now working at NPL, which is just really, well, nice. The people are nice, the patrons are nice, and I enjoy going to work.

DD #1's behavior has become a huge problem. I know in the coming years, it will only get worse. I am at my wit's end wondering what on earth I did to make her decide that stealing, lying and sneaking is acceptable. *sigh*

Anyway, enough family complaining. I could go on all day with that, and that's boring. Let me move on to knitting--I took a little hiatus, and have decided I'd better start moving PDQ if I'm going to get my kids some warm garments before it gets REALLY cold.

So what did I do. I bought some Red Heart Pomp-a-doodle. Seriously, what the hell was I thinking??

I HATE novelty yarn, and here I am working with pompoms on a string. But it's surprisingly, um, not difficult to knit with. And the finished product makes a thick, terry cloth feeling scarf. I'm embarrassed to say I'm pretty happy with it.

Oh and I found some Homespun that matches it to make mittens and a hat with for Ms. Emily.
Otherwise, I just finished sewing a Snow White costume (that was much more labor intensive than I'd like), and I started as an Independent Consultant with Scentsy. If I can make a little extra money selling a product I believe in (I'm all about the scents!) I'm there! So I'm excited about that new venture, pretty sure I will be horrible at it, but I'm willing to try. :)

I also tried to get a job at the local Joann's teaching knitting. It was looking pretty promising, until I rearranged my schedule to meet with the person and bring in some FO's, got pictures developed of other FO's I'd given away, etc. I called that morning to hear, "Well, the bad news is you have to meet with a manager, and I forgot to tell you that. But she's here today! But she kind of doesn't know about you or that you are coming." Now I see the sign looking for someone is down--so maybe my timing was bad. Or maybe their organization (or scary lack-there-of) tells me I didn't want to work there, even just for the discount. Ah wasn't meant to be.