Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally Finished a Sockdown

I'm very excited that I finally finished a Sockdown challenge on Ravelry's Sock Knitters Anonymous forum! I started January's beaded mystery socks, but never got them done. So here is my contribution:

The pattern is Move Your Fanny by Gigi Silva and the yarn is Paton's Stretch. The pattern has been modified somewhat--I needed the cuff to be a minimum of 3", so I had to make it longer than the "recipe". I think they will make nice summer socks, or Wii Fit socks with the ribbed bottom.

The most interesting thing is the heel and toe. They are done in one piece, so you don't do gusset decreases on the heel, or traditional toe decreases on the toes.

The yarn I am not thrilled with--it is very hard to Kitchener stitch with stretch yarn, and I don't think I'll use it again.

Otherwise not much is going on here. I am casting on another pair of socks (March Sockdown). I am trying to come up with yarn to make Emily a sweater in time for Easter. This is not surprising. I am a last minute Easter sweater maker. Many an Easter morning has found me sewing the last sleeve or button on.

Kids are good. Jobs are good. Husband is good. Cars are not so good. Pets are good. Life is pretty good.


Ruby said...

I love the colors in that yarn. I have some of it too, but I haven't tried to knit with it yet.

So good to hear that you're doing well. Life is complete chaos here, but I'm trying to hang on.