Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day!

I had a little fun today and called Jimmy the Groundhog's "Groundhog Hotline" in Sun Prairie, WI. I remember in high school I had a French teacher that was from Sun Prairie, and proclaimed Jimmy was the only "real" groundhog.

It turns out today it didn't matter, because both Jimmy and Phil in Punxsutawney saw their shadows, so it's 6 more weeks of winter.

Big surprise.

We had my parents over for the Super Bowl last night. It was nice. I would have liked my brother over, but he was busy. There was (and still is) a ton of food. It probably wasn't the smartest thing for Brian and I to do the day before our physicals, but the Super Bowl comes but once a year.

And was I the only one who thought the car commercials were a perfectly good waste of 3 million dollars? I think my favorites were the "Mean" Troy Polamalu Coke commercial, the ad with the guy sitting under the other end of the moose, and the Pepsi ads. (MacGruber and the "I'm good" Pepsi Max commercial). And we sat with our 3-D glasses on to watch the Monsters vs Aliens movie trailer (which didn't look like a bad movie) but we were more impressed by the 3-D in the Sobe commercial after it! You can watch them all at

Oh and the game was surprisingly good too.

I didn't knit at all during the game. I am working on something lace and didn't trust myself to knit during the game. I am going to start a scarf for Brian today that is a little more basic, and that I can take with me to the doctor's office today. I gained 2 lbs from yesterday morning, which is entirely not fair. I didn't even eat that much! (I really didn't. I just didn't eat anything good for me...).

I did finish my hat I was working on. It's the Palindrome pattern and it's made from Paton's SWS, which is amazingly soft.
I'm not a big hat person, and I'm even wearing this one.

And Emily wanted me to take a picture of her this morning. I don't think Saffy appreciated it, but here's the picture: