Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pitter Patter--and are all City Engineers dicks?

I finished Emily's 2 pairs of socks:

This method is so easy, I can't wait to start another pair! It's so nice to have them both done at once.

Alright, I got fed up yesterday on my traffic issues. They closed the main street in Appleton which runs parallel to my street. And didn't put up signs that kept people off my street--people got mad and were speeding. I counted 33 cars in 15 minutes last night going down my street and having to turn around. Most were speeding when they drove away.

So I went to city hall. Who sent me to the Police department. I sent an email to the Mayor, my Alderman and Cc'd the police department about the problem. So this morning I get back an email from the City Engineer stating they reviewed the problem last week (10 times no less. I'm here most days, but they were here 9 times I didn't see them. And the one time I DID see them, they were here for 3 minutes.) That I am pretty much a complainer. That the signs were appropriate and they already went "above and beyond". But he put up new signs anyway, just for me.

So I sent back an email telling him I am glad the new signs are up, they cut down the traffic dramatically. And that I am not a complainer. And that I felt the tone of the email was that I should just sit and shut up, and I thought government was about participation, but I guess I was wrong. But thanks for the new sign.


I guess I shouldn't be too upset, considering I got what I asked for and it worked. But very nice attitude they have over there when you want to make them actually DO their job, isn't it? Of course I am sure they don't teach manners in City Engineer school.

I let the police department know that they didn't have to do extra patrols because the city engineer did his job. I found out why he was so pissed--because they called over and said that Public Works wasn't cooperating. So of course he had to list all the ways he went "above and beyond" If this was their above and beyond, I'm a little concerned. And I greatly appreciate the Police Department listening to me and taking me seriously.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Packer Fans: Read this

Here is the best article on the Packers-Favre saga. Pretty much tells it as I see it:

It Works!

You know that feeling you get when something totally works out? Even when you thought maybe it wouldn't work out? Like the first time your cable works out and you think, "Dang! That looks good, and it wasn't that hard!" That's the feeling I got from knitting 2 socks at one time!

I bought the book 2-at-a-Time-Socks a while ago, and was waiting for the right moment to start. I pretty much had that moment stare me in the face when I f-d up my stole and just didn't feel like tinking 100+ stitches that I may or may not get them all. So I thought "Ok! Time for a break"

I read and re-read the directions. And re-read the directions again. I whipped out some pink and purple Red Heart and started on the toddler socks step by step pattern. And Ta Da!:
So far so good!

I wish the same could be about my street situation. We live near the pool, and they are doing construction on the street the pool entrance is on. So rather than put up signs directing people how to get to the pool, they let them wing it. Which means, when they can't turn down John street (that the pool is on) they make the next right--down my street. Which only has a walking entrance to the pool, not an auto entrance.

So my street--normally very VERY quiet--is loaded with cars. Cars who are pissed they are not at the pool, so they whip around at 40 mph. Throw their cars into reverse and slam it backwards, without looking. We live on a street with a lot of who have been spoiled by being able to play in the street. So it's pretty worrisome.

(my very busy street)

I'm hoping even if the unsafe/bazillion car issue doesn't get the city's attention that the fact that they are illegally parking in front of the fire hydrant or that they are cruising up the walking paths and driving over the grass to get to the parking lot maybe will get their attention. My guess is by the time they actually do something about it, the pool season will be over. But ah well.

Back to knitting.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Clue 2

I finished Clue 2 of the Casablanca stole.
Just in time for Clue 4 to come out tomorrow.

It took longer than expected, but mainly it was finding quiet time to be able to read the chart properly. I had 3 "little distractions" to work around.

I think it's coming out nicely.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Look what I got!

Under my knitting links, you will see a new link to Sonny and Shear. Check out what I got in the mail:

I not only got some beautiful Squooshy yarn in a super fun color, I got a handwritten note thanking me for my purchase, and 2 packets of tea. How is THAT for customer service???? It's just so nice in this age of "Hurry up. No soup for you!" that I not only receive my yarn fast, with very reasonable shipping, but I get notes? Tea? Wrapped in a bag with hand-tied ribbon???

Seriously, you can't compete with that. Sonny and Shear now has a lifelong customer

Next post: Anna and her amazing knitting. My girl is a knitter! But I want her to show you, and she's off getting gypsy moth caterpillars off our trees right now.

And I'm off to work on my Casablanca stole. I'm up to the repeat of clue 2, and I'm hoping to get Clue 2 finished before Clue 4 comes out this Friday. Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yes, I have been knitting

Although it might not be very exciting to show you, I have been knitting:
At least Anna's doll looks very nice--although Anna could care less. Emily is happy. Now she wants outfits for all her babies.

The pattern is from Frugal Haus Knitting--they are awesome by the way! I ordered a Paton's slipper book, the pattern for this doll dress, and patterns for Mickey and Minnie Mouse sweaters (Disneyworld, here we come!) I was absolutely thrilled to learn that I earned 2 free patterns for my purchase! So I got this beautiful Fan Stitch pattern and a cute little apple hat (think Brian will wear one for Apple Picking this year??) Frugal Haus tries so hard to please their customers, and they have great patterns, from basic to advanced. I highly recommend them.

Speaking of highly recommended, I bought something from Sonny and Shear. Everyone raves about them, and I've talked to Kris once or twice on Ravelry, and she's such a nice person. I don't have a lot of money, but this yarn was calling me. I am such a sucker for hand dyed yarn lately. When it comes I'll take pictures.

Also in the "waiting with baited breath" category--Anna starts her knitting class tomorrow with Kassie at Iris Fine Yarns. We stopped in Saturday and Phyllis told us that Anna will be the only one in the class--which is great for Anna. I am just pounding into her little stubborn brain that she needs to L-I-S-T-E-N. I don't want to be vindicated on this one--that Anna can't learn knitting from me...or anyone else. I want her knitting with me in 2 weeks! She already picked out some light pink Cascade 220, that Phyllis let her take home to meditate over. I'll let you know what happens.

Other than that, I am still working on the Casablanca Stole. It's going well, although I wanted to work on it this weekend and accidently left the beads at my parents house--and of course, I was on a beaded row. I also cast on for the Goddess Shawl. I cheated. I used a provisional cast on and, I knit back and forth for the first 14 rows, then grafted it all together with the tail using a mattress stitch. You can't even tell. Of course then I f-d up a few rows later and I probably have to start over. But at least I started, and I can't believe that at least for 1 day I had 2 shawls on the needles.

I still have my garden sock waiting to turn the heel. And I started a market bag today while we were at the beach (I figure it didn't matter if I got sand all over my sugar and cream yarn...). I didn't get very far, since the pattern calls for 80 sts in the round, and I only had a 29" circular needle with me. I ended up casting on 120. Then it was about to rain, so I didn't get anything done!! But it will be a nice take-along project.

Fourth of July was nice. Worked on my stole a bit, enjoyed the fireworks at my parents house. They finally took our Weber grill and brought it to their house so I didn't have to cook over here. Only they continually needed directions on how to do this or that, and my father burned everything to a crisp. So I'm still trying to figure out if it was better or worse not having them here.