Saturday, November 9, 2013

Been a while....(Do you hear Staind?)

I'm alive!  I started out with 3 grad school classes and dropped to 1.  It's so much easier with one, especially when it's interesting and I like the professor.  It's painful to learn about the "foundations of information" when I've worked in libraries long enough to know I won't use it in my day to day life.  I have a test to take this weekend, but so far I have an A in the class.  I also know I can't continue taking them one at a time--so here's to more classes (and probably less knitting) next semester. ;)

I've been knitting too!  I made a hat for my friend Melissa's daughter (OK, total disclosure--I used to babysit MELISSA!  It's a little scary she has a baby herself.  I am old.)

I also am working on a sock in this pretty yarn.  The pattern is Roundabout, and I am nearly finished with the gusset decrease now (this was taken yesterday).

I also signed up for a Mystery Knitalong with a very talented designer, Jessica L'Heureux.  She's jesseknits on Ravelry.  You can sign up in her Rav group here.  I'm really looking forward to it--Jesse designs the most beautiful patterns!

Halloween was fun and the yard is full of leaves now.  We have a huge maple tree in our backyard that waits until the last possible minute and drops EVERYTHING!  So my grass is covered in pretty yellow leaves.  I know the ground will soon be white, so I will take the leaves every time.

Here's some Halloween pics:

And the last rose of the season:

It's cloudy and dreary and cold, so I think I'll go work on my sock.  And maybe have some tea (Oops!  How did that whiskey get in there?)
Happy Saturday!