Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Catch-Up

 You know, I took photos to post on my blog every day.  Unfortunately, real life (and sometimes laziness....) got in the way, so you get them in one big wrap up post!

So first...I was knitting on Anna's owl beret.  Here was the progress:
 Then, it was my wedding anniversary.  Brian and I have been married 17 years.  I had him book a hotel room away from the kids--and he chose one in Elkhart Lake.  We couldn't check in right away, so we did what all Library Geeks do and toured a library!  This one was in Sheboygan.

Mead Public Library is gorgeous.  We were happy to see Appleton isn't the only library with meters (Although, instead of the 20 minutes a quarter gets you in Appleton, in Sheboygan it gets you 50 minutes).

They have this awesome restored cigarette machine converted to dispense tiny works of art for $5.  It's called the Art-O-Mat.  How cool is that??

So I pulled a box from "One Word Wonders" and got some Joy.

There library there is beautiful--3 stories, lots of room for teens (2 dedicated rooms, actually), big Children's Dept on the 3rd floor, giant quiet room.  Just an all around great library.

So, after our library tour, we went to the hotel.  It really wasn't anything to write home about (We were the only people there...), but they did have a fireplace.  And Brian did bring wine:
 So then it was St. Patricks Day.  We continued a tradition of Shamrock Shakes (Even if McDonald's has froo-frooed them up):

 I started a tradition of my own--with green Midori Sours:

 Then.  It snowed.  Another 4".  I guess it's better than Thora's 7" in NY, but still.  I am so over winter.  It can stop any time.

How are birds supposed to eat with all this snow going on??

 And today...I finished Anna's hat.  I don't think she likes it much, especially when she found out it's a slouchy beret.  But I think it's cute.

So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  :)  Happy Tuesday!


Jessica Fredrick said...

Happy happy Green anniversary! I love the art meter. How fun! I love the owl beret too!