Sunday, December 30, 2012

Recent events in Picture captions

I can't believe it's December 30th already.  I guess I am happy it is ONLY December 30th, because I have to go back to work January 2nd, and I turn 40 on January 4th and I take the GRE January 23rd.  Let's not rush January, shall we?

Tomorrow--last finished FO of 2012 (I hope) and a summary of the year, that is not all gloom and doom.

So, a short summary of events.  I knit, and my Denise needles kept unsnapping.  Which is not fun, working with bulky yarn, and a lot of stitches.  But I did finish my 2 gifties...they need to be blocked, buttons need to be chosen and sewn.

Bad Denise!!

Our first big snow

Heaven in a Carton!

New Tardis
Brian got me something to deal with those pesky Denise needles.  They came from WEBS, so far, so good...but I really wanted to the Knit Picks ones.  No one listens to me.  These seem on the surface like Susan Bates, with the stupid key.
He also got me this, which is handy.

I got 2 cute beads for my Pandora bracelet--a kitten in a chair and a ball of yarn....

Only when I went to put them on, my bracelet snapped in half.  Figures.

We picked a nice tree

Emily made beautiful ornaments for me!

We got more snow.  This is a "dusting" that ended up being about 10".

I finished Trevor's Owl hat.
I think that sums up recent events.