Monday, August 9, 2010 update

I know I have been woefully lacking in posts, but, truthfully, I haven't been knitting much this summer! I seem to be working on the same project, just doing a row here or there. It's a sweater for Emily (the kids asked for sweaters for school. Oy!)

Anyway, for Emily I am trying a Cottage Creations pattern, Kyler's Kardigan in Paton's Canadiana light pink.
I SWORE I would never try another Cottage Creations pattern, but I was at Herrschners store, and I was tempted. So far I can understand most of it, but it's not moving along very fast.

I had a busy day so far. I made beef soup for tomorrow
seared beef for fajitas tonight, made zucchini cake

and creamy cucumbers....mmmmm.
So I'm still alive. I'm taking the kids this afternoon to go see Shrek 4 at Fox Cinema. We haven't been there yet, so I'm hoping it's a good time! :)