Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lacy socks

I finally got one of the Ariel Socks done. It seems like it took forever, and it's very "pattern-rific" 30 different rows (not a nice 4 row repeat or anything...)

I just have no enthusiasm to do the second sock. And the yarn, Soxx Appeal, is odd. It's got a nice twist when you knit it up, but it untwists easily, so I'm not thrilled with it. Not that I'm not saying the sock isn't pretty or anything, it's just a pain in the yang.

I think I will put off doing the second one and do a different sock first. I know this is going to be a bad idea that will bite me in the arse, but I really don't think I can bring myself to work on the second one right now. And I need SOMETHING on my needles. I mean, as you can see, I could clean my house, but it just gets messy again, so what really is the point of that? hehehe

I am absolutely THRILLED that Knitting Daily had the Cable Down Raglan as one of their Reader's Choice Winners. I've wanted to knit this sweater for a while. So maybe I'll get started on that. I also promised Anna a sweater, and I think I am going to get familiar with my Ultimate Sweater Machine and see if I can whip it up on that.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Whatcha Knittin'?

So, what are you working on?

I'm back to my Mermaid sock. Yes, I put down the Debbie Bliss bag after 4 rows. Maybe I will finish it. There is a better chance that I won't. But I am enjoying my sock!

Here's a picture of Emily in her sweater.

The edges are still curled...ah well, it's still a cute sweater. And nice and thick!

And out my window today--snow. But of course, I mean, it's April right?
Everyone is sick here. Fevers, coughs. It's just not fun. And it was just this sudden thing, and now it doesn't seem to be going away. At least we have lots of family bonding time, right? Oy!

My 2 Cents on Magknits...

OK, I was going to stay out of it. It's not really my business, right?

Well, I figure, it's my blog, and if I want to say something, I will.

Magknits is now gone. Kerrie, the editor, has decided that it doesn't make money and she isn't going to be involved with it anymore. "Oh you wanted those patterns? Sorry (but not really) about your luck."

The back story? Some things were said about Kerrie's business, Hipknits, on Ravelry, regarding lost orders. Quite a few lost orders. IMHO, maybe more than can be construed as a "coincidence". There was some more piping in about "Hey! I never got paid for my Magknits submission." and the whole thing spiraled out of control.

Now, I have not lost an order from Hipknits. In this area, I am completely neutral. I have never ordered from them. Every once in a while I'd go to visit her blog and look at her cute kids and oogle her yummy yarn.

I was, however, a fan of Magknits. I loved when the new issues came out. Hell, I was even a member of their forum on Ravelry.

But somehow, I knew. When they disappeared last month for "overhauling" something in the back of my head said, "Save the patterns you want, Lynnette." Only I didn't. And I was pleasantly surprised to see them up last week. And now, they are gone.

I don't begrudge Kerrie ending an unprofitable venture. That is, of course, her choice. But I do want to say in doing so, she just alienated hundreds of knitters. Her pulling the site the way she did smacks of "I'm going to take my ball and go home." It was done out of spite, a knee jerk reaction to what she saw as people saying bad things about her.

I feel bad saying this, but now I will not order from Hipknits. Why do I want to do business with someone who acts so unprofessionally?

That's just my 2 cents.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I've got a sweater that was for was done on a Monday night...

With all apologies to Sheryl Crow, that IS the scenario. Finally, the damn Easter sweater is done.

I ended up doing the rest of the body on size 5 straights (making my wrists scream...) and the bottom green edging and the green around the outside on my size 6 circulars. It took 2 boxes of T-pins to block it, and it probably won't work since it's acrylic.

I guess I will do the best I can and when it's dry, it's dry. At least it seems to be Allegra approved.

Now I am onto the "Birds" bag from Debbie Bliss' "Kids Knits for Heads, Hands and Feet". It's written in Debbie Bliss' completely clear style (oy) so it should be a real treat. I bought the yarn, Patons Grace, ages ago, so I am hoping I have enough.